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ABOUT Natarsha

For over 20+ years, Natarsha Garcia has been polishing talent and actualizing the dreams of her clients. With a solid expertise in 'triple threat' talent development, and the ability to identify, refine and launch talent into the marketplace, Natarsha has a long list of AGI Alumni and managed clients who have solid careers, working steadily in the entertainment industry. Natarsha knows how to apply just the right kind of pressure to produce Industry diamonds that truly shine and have the strength to endure the test of time. In addition to her work in guiding and refining talent, she also wears a management 'hat' - shopping and securing deals and opportunities for select talent who are steadily pursuing and gaining work in the entertainment industry. When Natarsha isn't engaged in training sessions, rehearsals, shows, or meetings, you'll find her speaking at various business events, networking at conferences and attending award ceremonies. AGI is a family affair. Natarsha's husband, Craig Garcia ( Co-Founder and COO ) and her son, Brandin Jay ( Creative Director ) also infuse this family brand with their own wealth of knowledge, skills, and talent. All AGI talent are considered an extension of this family, making AGI a unique performing arts environment where talent not only feels supported in their professional pursuits, but also genuinely cared for.

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